Dream a little bigger, darling.


Commander Steve Rogers


Doesn’t it make you wanna cry with happiness every time you see this logo, because you know the movie is going to be awesome.


Part 1 of a few gif’s I quite love (see captions).


shit burn gorman says about newton/newmann

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NEWTON GEISZLER // be careful what you wish for you adorable fucking dingdong

Greatest in his field



Are you serious? You would do that for me… I mean, with me?


"Newt knew he was babbling and couldn’t help it. He was partly still in the Anteverse. Was he ever going to come all the way back? Some of those images were tattooed on his cerebral cortex the way Yamarashi was in the skin of his arm - and Hammerjaw on the back of his calf, and another kaiju, from Shanghai the year before, spreading its vestigial wings across Newt’s shoulders. He thought of getting the Anteverse inked on him, but realized there was no way he would ever be able to explain what he wanted. If only I could draw, Newt thought.”

Pacific Rim the Official Novelization by Alex Irvine.